KayserBetten GmbH & Co. KG

Individual care beds
for children with special needs . . .

 We create individual living spaces. We combine carpenter’s trade with very modern technique as well as a high degree of security.

Our wide range of products meets the different and often special demand of children’s care.

We are able to produce your Kayser bed according to your own and your child’s individual needs, in order to make your child feel comfortable and to create optimum physical development conditions, as well as to ensure physio- and ergotherapeutical arrangements. We meet your wishes and can develop specialist bespoke design, if either for the special need or due to basic conditions of space and environment.

We look forward to your call on +49 (0) 51 63 – 65 95 We will take the time for a detailed assessment – in order to produce your child’s care bed according to it’s special needs.

Blumen Olaf

Child care bed Olaf 98 , wihite with flour design, 140/70
Kaefer Taucher