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Ever since we started to manufacture care beds for children, it was always our objective to be able to provide every child having special needs with a customised and suitable special bed. A high-quality child care bed should be designed such that it compensates the physical restrictions of the child as far as possible, that it provides maximum safety for the child and also makes nursing significantly easier by means of height adjustment and other functions. If we think that these requirements are not optimally met in some cases by one of our many different standard beds, then our special design department is tasked with solving the problem.  

Often it involves special sizes both in the basic dimensions as well as the height of the rails or including a sloping roof. Other times, it is the design request or technical necessity that makes a special design necessary.


Our staff from the counselling service will be more than happy to explain the wide range of our technical and manual options. They have been able to make the wishes of parents come true by showing empathy and providing competent advice in numerous discussions.  

Our staff in the special design department are more than first class artisans. They work with enthusiasm and passion, always with the common objective in mind of making the daily life of a family considerably easy with a perfect KayserBett.

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1. Counselling 2. Planning 3. Design
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4. Technical drawing 5. Special design team 6. CNC processing
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7. Surface 8. Assembly 9. Finished special design