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Due to the high demand for travel beds that can be folded and easily transported we have decided to include this type of bed in our standard product range.

Our new child bed can be used both as a travel bed as well as a second bed or playpen at home.  
It is not an „off-the -shelf furniture“, but always a customised item which we built according to your individual needs and meets all relevant requirements of a child bed.

You can define the basic size, so that the space available in the room is used optimally.
We can fabricate lengths from 140 to 200 cm and widths from 70 to 100 cm along with the matching folding mattress accurately to a centimetre at no extra charge.

You can select the door height between 80 cm - 120 cm which is most beneficial for your child, the segments in which the rods or Plexiglas panels should be located. There is a folding-sliding door at the foot or head end of the bed respectively, which can be locked from outside.
We manufacture the travel bed / playpen exactly as per your specifications using the manufacturing methods of our well-proven KayserBetten.   Made of solid beech wood, very robust, easy to assemble and disassemble in high quality workmanship.
The travel bed is supplied in 2 carry bags and with a foldable mattress.
A folding base is optional.


     Foldable mattress                                    Carry bags

Technical Data

Overall height 80 cm to 120 cm

Length  140 to 200 cm

Width  70 to 100 cm

Outer dimensions = your disired inner dimension

 + 6 cm in length
+ 6 cm in width

Platform height upper edge of frame  10 cm

Packing sizes per bag (LxWxH)
plus the corressponding size of the folding mattress
 ca. 125 x 72 x 18 cm

Weight in the 2 carry bags  ca. 85 kg