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Timmy Titel

Timmy beds: for special requirements 

The distinguishing feature of Timmy beds is the good accessibility from all four sides

The child care bed Timmy is excellently suited for children with serious and severe illness and disabilities, such as spasticity of all the limbs, ICP, muscle hypotonia, tetra paresis, persistent vegetative state etc.
It is suitable for children who cannot sit up on their own.

The coloured design of this bed with animal motifs printed on the Plexiglas panels increases the child‘s acceptance of the bed and promotes visual perception. It also stimulates the imagination of the children.

This KayserBett is available in two versions. Timmy I with the rail height of 65 cm and Timmy II with a rail height of 43 cm. All the four side rails can be lowered to several positions. This enables nursing procedures to be carried out from the head or foot end of the bed.

It is well-suited for nursing and medical care of seriously ill and children with special needs, for example, those requiring artificial respiration.   Detachable posts (optional) make this child care bed extremely suitable as a therapy bed - Vojta, Bobath.


Combined with an electrical insertion frame, Timmy I can be adjusted vertically from 74 cm to 114 cm and Timmy II from 64 cm to 104 cm (upper edge of mattress).

The Timmy beds are provided with 13.5 cm high castors by default. If they need to be lowered using a lifter, then 16.5 cm high castors may be required.

All the platform heights are reduced by 11.5 cm if the castors are not fitted.
In this case the bedposts must be raised by 2 cm.

With a weight carrying capacity of 150 kg, an adult can also join the child in bed.

There are good reasons in favour of the child care bed Timmy

  • Simple handling with 4 easy-to-use rails that can be lowered
  • Can be combined individually with various sleeping platforms
  • Adjustable in combination with an electrical insert frame to fit an ergonomic height for care and therapy
  • Flexible and practical owing to the high castors, also easy to clean
  • Rail lock
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to DIN 71-3 safety of toys
  • The velvet-soft treated solid wood has a warm feeling and corresponds to the physiological perception of our children
  • Patient weight capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Functional accessories
  • Solidly crafted design ensures high stability, safety and durability
  • Four bed sizes: 140/70 cm + 170/90 cm + 200/90 cm + 200/100 cm
  • Patient specific bespoken models can be made