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Safety, standards and requirements for cost absorption

What are child care beds?

It is a bed designed specially with different fitting options which the user needs to partly compensate his disability.
These may include high bed side as well as a low access. The electrically adjustable sleeping platform, a padded interior or an external door locking system are often necessary to compensate the child‘s physio-functional deficiencies, to prevent physical injuries and to make nursing considerably easier.
A child care bed made for children with special needs is not a standard everyday product. It has special fittings which are significantly different from that of a „normal“ bed. Because of these special features, it is not used by healthy

Child care beds are designed according to the standard DIN EN 60601-2-52, but also comply with the DIN 32623 and DIN EN 716 standards. These give even higher priority to security compared to standard care beds and they establish binding measures for bar spacing, railing height, and gaps.


When is a child care bed needed?

The affected child should have a disability which prevents him from carrying out normal activities in life as defined under the general principles.

Providing a child care bed may be considered if the off-the-shelf beds commonly used in homes cannot be used by a child with special needs (no or very low side rails, high access, no adjustment options).
If the child care bed is suitable for compensating the disability of the concerned child and a cheaper or equivalent bed is not available and
cost / benefit ratio is reasonable, then the statutory health insurance company is obliged to supply a child care bed for children with special need

What should you do to obtain a child care bed?

Get you child examined by the attending doctor first to determine if a special child care bed is really needed. If that is the case, then the physician writes a prescription on which he makes a note of the special features that the child care bed should have, i.e. the minimum height of the rails, height adjustability of the sleeping platform, padded interior etc.

The more precisely the doctor formulates the requirements, the less are the chances of misunderstandings later.

You can now go to a medical shop with the prescription and ask for a local consultation.   In case it is approved, the child care bed is supplied and installed by the medical shop.   This medical shop will always be your supply partner.  In order to supply the optimal bed, please check which child care bed and accessories are required considering the long-term use of the bed (bed size) and if possible in the presence of your child.
There should not be any room for mistakes with proper planning. Therefore, please also consider the possible options for each KayserBett, for e.g. whether Plexiglas on the rails could be necessary for safety reasons, whether detachable posts are important for therapy in case of the TIMMY series of child care beds, whether a special sleeping platform is necessary or the design has to be modified for therapeutic reasons.
You are most welcome to discuss these details with us directly because our foremost task is to provide you with a perfect KayserBett.

Once everything is clarified, the medical shop prepares a cost estimate which is submitted to your insurance company for approval.