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Side rails and doors that are particularly safe

As manufacturer of medical devices, we produce our child care beds based on fundamental safety requirements for medical devices according to the EU Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and the German Act on Medical Devices (§ 139 SGB V) as well as on quality standards of the German Federal Associations of Health Insurance Funds,  and on the following standards

  • DIN EN 32623 - Hospital beds for children made of metal and plastic  
  • DIN EN 716-1 - Beds for children for home use and travel beds
  • DIN EN 60601-2-52 - Medical electrical equipment - Specific requirements for safety including the important
    features of medical beds    
  • DIN EN 60601-1 - Medical electrical equipment - Part 1 General requirements for safety   

Compliance with these regulations and all relevant standards is tested and certified by the accredited testing laboratory and certification body for national and international markets called Eurofins Product Service GmbH.

Side rails
Another important requirement of child care beds is that the locking mechanisms should have a minimum distance of 850 mm. If this dimension cannot be met, for example, at the head or foot section, then the system requires two consecutive actions based on different principles.   The second action should depend on the first action.

1. Unlock the side lattice safeguard (red circle)
2. Pull the locking devices inwards simultaneously

Sicherheit 2017 2

We have developed a hinge system for the doors which reduces the risk of jamming to a minimum.   In the interior of the bed, clamps are no longer provided in the pivoting region of the door.  (See Figure of the hinge system)

sicherheit 15 sicherheit 2
Clamping Point Hinge System


Electrical safety       
The following functions ensure the electrical safety of KayserBetten care beds:

  • IP code - protection against intrusion of solid particles and liquids, min. IP 24
  • Protection class II - Protection through reinforced insulation
  • Primary fuse in the power plug
  • Maintenance-free direct current motors and manual safety switch, low voltage

As the only manufacturer of wooden child care beds, we apply the paint as a closed surface with absolutely hygienic properties. Compared to open surfaces (waxed or oiled), this structure provides protection against liquids and dirt.  

According to the requirements of the standard DIN 68861, 1B - Furniture surfaces Part 1:  Reaction to chemicals, the surface can be cleaned with commonly available cleaning and disinfecting agents.   Thus, in addition to nursing at home, our child care beds can be used in the clinic as well.
Testing the paints that we use according to the following standards, ensures that there is no health risk as a result of sucking, licking and swallowing parts of the surface.
DIN EN 71 Part 3 - Safety of toys

EN ISO 10993-1:2003 - Biological evaluation of medical products - bio-compatibility of cytotoxic „cell toxicity“.
(The toxic effects at cellular level) The paint is tested by © CYTOX - Biological safety tests from Erlangen.