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A padding in the child care bed can effectively protect the child from injuries in case of uncontrolled motor activity. Every KayserBetten care bed can be provided with a padding.

We design the paddings according to your individual requirements.

You can decide whether the padding should be provided on all 4 sides of the bed or only on individual sections, whether it should reach up to full height, or only up to half or a third of the bed sides, and whether it should be in our standard color sahara or in a different color, all so that your child is well protected against self-injury.

We use 28mm Polylam as padding material with a sweat and saliva-resistant cover made of leatherette with a zip or optionally a cover of the durable nylon material „NEVO“.

The padding is fitted with velcro tape and therefore removable. For permanent fixing, the padding can be mounted to a board and screwed to the bed. In this case we use a 15 mm hard board and 15 mm polyam, along with the leatherette cover.

Another option are pads with window cutouts in the door area. These allow to keep eye contact with the child. The window cutouts are made of macrolon and acrylglas.

weiss creme lightbrown gelb safran
white_01 cream_02 light brown_03 lemon_04 saffron_05
 orange  rot  lavendel aubergine   kastanie
orange_06 red_07 lavender_08 aubergine_09 chestnut_10
 azur  saphir  delft  marine  lime
azure_11 sapphire_12 delft blue_13 navy blue_14 lime_15
 kiwi  dunkelgruen  stone anthracit  schwarz 
kiwi_16 green_17 stone_18 anthracite_19 black_20
Variations in colour possible due to representation on screen!

 abpolsterung hannah  abpolsterung ida emma  abpolsterung timmy
Child care bed Hannah

The inner dimension of a KayserBett having doors is reduced by about 10 cm in length and in width. We then correspondingly modify the dimensions of the slatted frame and the mattress.

We will be happy to advise you on fitting the bed with a padding.
Child care bed Ida/Emma
- all the sides can be padded.
Child care bed Timmy
The padding of the corresponding lattice has to be removed to lower the lattice. The padding need not be removed for adjusting the sleeping platform.

 Abpol Olaf Fenster 02  Abpol Olaf Fenster 09  Abpol Olaf Fenster 16
Child care bed Olaf (special design) with
UK doors (fold-away doors), fully padded, doors with window cutouts . . .
. . . and 90˚ open UK doors
(fold-away doors)

 Abpolsterung feste Platte 1  Abpolsterung feste Platte 2  Abpolsterung Kanten
Padding . . . . . . with mounted board
Padding over edge