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Titel Ida

Ida beds, flexible option for nursing

. . . the extra spacious ground clearance enables nursing from a wheelchair

The child care bed Ida is excellently suited for children with serious illnesses and disabilities, such as tetra paresis, persistent vegetative state, spasticity of all the limbs, muscle hypotonia etc.
Since this bed is partially equipped with Plexiglas panels, the child can actively participate in what is going on around it.  

We manufacture Ida beds with a door height of 80 cm either on one or both the long sides.
This protects children who are less active from climbing out unattended.

The height adjustment from 44 cm to 104 cm (upper edge of mattress) is equally suitable for care and therapy.

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For people who need to nursing from wheelchairs, the child care bed Ida provides an ample clearance of 66 cm and is thus ideally suited for nursing children in bed from the wheelchair.

It has sufficient clearance for a lifter to be used.

With a weight carrying capacity of 150 kg, an adult can also join the child in bed.

There are good reasons in favour of the child care bed Ida

  • Three bed sizes: 170/90 cm, 200/90 cm, and 200/100 cm
  • Extremely height adjustable up to 60 cm, i.e., very low access level and perfect nursing height
  • Special door fitting which prevents the doors from being opened from the inside
  • Individually equipped with sturdy sleeping platforms which can be adjusted manually or electrically
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to DIN 71-3 Safety of toys
  • Can be used as playpen during the day
  • Plexiglas panels allow free eye contact
  • Sleeping platform can be continuously adjusted
  • Patient specific bespoken models can be made