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Titel Hannah
Hannah beds - big
, bigger, biggest

. . . plenty of space and safety for your child

The KayserBett Hannah is built in an extremely robust manner and designed specially for children with restless to very noticeable motor activity. With these children it is not always a question of providing nursing or therapy in bed, but rather of creating a safe place to be, for example, to rule out the possibility of children harming themselves.
It is mainly suitable for children who, on account of mental deficiency, partly display a considerable retardation in development. The motor skills are often characterised by restless and lack of purpose. To protect them from physical harm, for example as a result of getting out of the bed in an uncontrolled manner, it is necessary to have these special beds with high rails.
The child care bed Hannah can help in promoting and facilitating independent movements. It is suitable for children, who despite illness and disability have motor skills to get in and out of bed independently.

With its child-friendly appearance the bed Hannah from KayserBetten is not only a place to sleep but also a playground. Its colorful design improves the child‘s visual perception and stimulates the imagination.

The KayserBett Hannah is available in door heights of 70, 98, 135 and 170 cm.

One long side is always provided with 4 door elements in case of a standard bed.


The fittings can be completely customised either with an electric motor, height adjustable frame or with a fixed frame and in special cases with a solid wooden floor. An external door locking bar prevents the doors from being pushed open by force. If required, mattresses can be supplied with firmly sewn leatherette covers.

Combined with an electrical insert frame, the height adjustment from 57 cm to 95 cm allows the child to comfortably transfer from its wheel chair or seat shell directly into bed. The ergonomic height facilitates child care in all areas.

With a weight carrying capacity of 150 kg, an adult can also join the child in bed if required.
Many special bespoken designs are possible even for all the KayserBetten of type Hannah.

There are good reasons in favour of the child care bed Hannah

  • Available in four door heights 70, 98, 135 and 170 cm
  • Three bed sizes: 170/90 cm, 200/90 cm and 200/100 cm
    (Hannah 170 only 200/90 cm and 200/100 cm)
  • A special door fitting prevents the doors from being opened from the inside
  • Can be combined individually with various sleeping platforms
  • Motorised mechanism to adjust the nursing and therapy height to an ergonomic level
  • Due the large interior space of 200/100 cm can also be used as playpen during the day
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to DIN 71-3 Safety of toys
  • Patient weight capacity of up to 150 kg
  • Functional accessories - like completely/ partially padded interior or complete/partial
    Plexiglas cover for the rails are possible 
  • Particularly stable design which gives it high robustness, safety and durability
  • Patient specific bespoken models can be made