KayserBetten GmbH & Co. KG

The KayserBetten accessories at a glance

Schwungbrett Timmy mit Wickel  Olaf mit ex Tuers
Swing board
(additional door locking)
for beds with doors front
with changing mat
Olaf (special design)
with external door locking

 Himmel-Timmy  Schlauch Abs  Schlauch Tueren
over a Timmy bed
Hose routing bed posts
for lowering side rails (e.g. Timmy)
Hose routing bed posts
for doors with fitting to ensure stability

 spielbogen  Tente Rollen  Bettkasten neu
Rod for hanging toys for all the beds Castors
Underbed drawer for Hannah beds
(without height adjustment)

 Einstiegshilfe  abnehmbarer pfosten 3  gitter acrylverglasung 2
Access support for Olaf beds Detachable post for all the Timmy beds with wooden posts Acrylglas on the rails

 ueberkletterschutz netz  ueberkletterschutz holz  Therapieauflage
Climb-over protection using nylon net
for high Olaf and Hannah beds 
Climb-over protection using rods
for high Olaf and Hannah beds
Therapie mat