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Dear Reader,

for children who live with a disability, their bed is not just a place to sleep. Many of these children spend much of their time in bed during the day as well. For this reason such a child care bed has to be designed differently from a normal child‘s bed.

For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing innovative child care beds, which simplify the daily care at home and in the hospital. It goes without saying that KayserBetten meet all the relevant standards and the stringent criteria of the auxiliary aids.

We claim to be able to manufacture a special bed that suits every indication: Regardless of whether a built-in bed to fit a sloping ceiling, special padding or side furniture made of the matching beech wood are required.

In addition, special beds are also often subject to heavy usage and hence need to be extremely robust - and from our experience we know how to build really robust special beds.

The height adjustability of the sleeping platform and the adjustability of the lying surface using an electric motor are very important features of child care beds. Both features simplify the daily care and considerably ease the strain on the nurse‘s back.

Especially high side frames are necessary if there is a risk of the child injuring itself. 
We manufacture beds with a door height of upto 170 cm and custom-models in any size. 

Access near the floor level helps children to develop and improve their mobility skills.  This enables them to climb in and out independently.

Last but not the least, we also place great emphasis on well trained and experienced staff. They can give you competent advice and help with the individual planning, which starts with the cost absorption of the care bed.

You will not only find a suitable care bed for your child but will also receive competent support from us after purchasing a bed.

We look forward to your call and your visit!